Cornwall Ontario – Blaring headlines are all over Canadian media with the news of Senator Mike Duffy suing the RCMP and Senate for close to eight million dollars. He’s represented by one of Canada’s best lawyers, Lawrence Greenspon.  I should know as Mr. Greenspon is representing me after the sillyContinue Reading

One of the first rules in political issues management is to never be part of the story. Issues management works in the background, monitoring the news, briefing key staff on unfolding events, offering up counter-attack points and coordinating with communications staff as needed. The aim is to present your boss,Continue Reading

CFN – Today Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is on trial.    In reality it is former Journalist and Senator Mike Duffy that’s on the docket and facing a judge, but ultimately Canadians will be keenly listening for glimpses of the man behind the curtain. What’s scariest to this writerContinue Reading

CFN – Social media really has changed the way that people communicate.  The biggest factor is speed and access. Anyone can virtually post just about anything, and on sites like Facebook and You Tube they can go viral quite quickly. One of the hottest stories here in Canada are theContinue Reading

CFN – It’s funny reading the latest on the Senate scandal, Stephen Harper’s possible political demise, and Justin Trudeau’s ascent. It’s almost like it’s a bad script. What we do know. Whatever success Mr. Harper has is because of planning and scripting.  It’s boring.  It’s not pretty.  It’s brutal andContinue Reading

CFN – The explosion you heard in Ottawa yesterday was the latest bomb Mike Duffy lobbed into Ottawa’s political circus. Duffy certainly got everyone’s attention, not only in the Senate chamber, but across the country. Whether you like him or not, it was a powerful presentation from a skilled speaker.Continue Reading