VICTORIA BC – Let’s just say that, hypothetically speaking, the current black market in Canada is based on three models of cultivation. The first model is the seasonal outdoor grower, the second is the hobby indoor grower and the third is the commercial indoor grower. Model one harvests every fallContinue Reading

81,000+ workers have missed paycheques, been underpaid, denied health benefits, and even had child support payments disappear – all thanks to the Government of Canada’s political and technological fumbling as it launched an untried, unmanageable pay system called PHOENIX. Unlike its mythical namesake, this PHOENIX immediately crashed and burned inContinue Reading

The deed was done under cover.    No public consultation.  No real public information delivered.  A non nonsensical that jeopardizes the future of the city of Cornwall Ontario. The bad drama started with the Chem Tanks and ended with the release below by the city which actually rezoned the landContinue Reading

There is a reason why the Federal Government is trying to unload harbour lands across Canada.    Most are polluted or have historic environment issues that literally could cost billions of dollars to resolve. Cornwall’s harbour is so polluted that when a movement to create a beach occurred a fewContinue Reading