I had two odd conversations with two journalists in the last 24 hours.    The first was a late night ping on facebook when a disgruntled journo asked if I’d seen the shameless cover of the latest seeker.   I answered no, because like many in Cornwall I don’t readContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – A new whistle blower has gone public.  RN Julie Johnston of Cornwall Ontario who works at Glen Stor Dun Lodge has submitted a letter which we have published unedited below. Ms Johnston is the nurse that  submitted 11 letters to council that never made their way directly;Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Whistleblower and former Glen Stor Dun Lodge manager Diane Shay has issued a press release regarding her ordeal vs the city. Excerpt of court documents.  Ms Shay’s text of incident. Excerpt 2 – Ms Shay being “disciplined” excerpt 3 – a summation of what ocurred excerpt –Continue Reading