Cornwall Ontario –  Here’s an issue you kinda sorta can’t blame the government on.   While the high cost of gasoline is heavily taxed, if you live in this part of Ontario seeing 20-30 cent price swings per litre is a regular occurrence. That can be over a freaking $1.00 perContinue Reading

December 19, 2017 Ontario Lowering Rates for Payday Loans and Other Services Ontario is protecting vulnerable consumers by reducing the cost of borrowing and other fees for alternative financial services such as payday loans.Beginning on January 1, 2018: The cap on the cost of borrowing for payday loans will be reducedContinue Reading

NDP MPP Gilles Bisson announces bill to protect Ontario families from gasoline price gouging QUEEN’S PARK –On Friday, Timmins-James Bay NDP MPP Gilles Bisson announced his intention to table a private member’s bill to protect consumers from price gouging by regulating the retail price and wholesale mark-up of petroleum productsContinue Reading

  TORONTO ONTARIO – Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath didn’t let Premier Kathleen Wynne off the hook during the first question period following the release of the sunshine list, pressing Wynne for allowing an untold number of million-dollar salaries to be paid out to Hydro One executives while forcing Ontarians, bucklingContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – According to media reports, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is suggesting that high hydro rates that are crippling Ontario are in fact her fault. Under the guise of caring for the environment,  coal (even though there are new technologies that reduce carbon and pollution)  was phased out inContinue Reading