Hey, it’s 2020! Let’s go back to the 50’s! Quebec Conservative former staffer to both Stephen Harper and Jean Charest Provincially let loose a barrage of homophobia to ram home the point that the Conservative Party in Canada has issues with the LGBT community in spite of what some leadershipContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The Political assassination of PC leader Patrick Brown, by what appears to be an inhouse Conservative backlash of the older white guy (and gal) crowd, especially from the Eastern part of Ontario is a hot mess of political intrigue and drama. After spending a week talking toContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – In 2014 I asked if politicians should still be in the closet.   Today, in 2017, rising conservative star and North Dundas Mayor Eric Duncan surprised very few people by coming out.  He came out on of all places Linked in.  He didn’t issue a press release;Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Several former board members of  Centre Cultural de Cornwall stepped forward with a multitude of allegations and complaints about the francophone institution this week. Some of the allegations include: The organization is in deep debt; owning over $30K to the government as well as Suzanne Villeneuve, listedContinue Reading

Walking through the aftermath and wreckage of the election that just ended CFN has been talking to a lot of voters across the riding asking why they voted for who they chose and why they rejected candidates? Not surprisingly Bernadette Clement was tarred and feathered for being a Francophone womanContinue Reading

CFRA is a pretty staunch conservative talk radio station, still on the AM dial, in Ottawa, Canada’s Capital.  It’s a mostly senior audience with a lot of folks from the country and rural areas sharing their um…..wisdom. One of their hosts is Nick Vandergragt who besides being a farmer does aContinue Reading