With falling membership the Legion is fighting for its survival. Stolen Valour has been an issue of selective justice for them and in the case of the two recent Cornwall cases, cover ups. Both members were on the Executive of the local Legion prior to being outed. CFN reached outContinue Reading

“I strongly deny the groping allegation that I already admitted to and apologized for.”   WARRENKINSELLA.COM – That is Justin Trudeau’s defence in the ongoing groping scandal, basically. And it is so truly pathetic, so fucking ludicrous, satirical news show The Beaverton ridiculed it with that very headline. The shifting, shifty prevaricationsContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Oddly enough we media types read our competition, even minor competition,  and that’s why it’s utterly astounding to read words quoted from Angela Vinet, the Exec Director of Sexual Assault Support Services in Cornwall. Vinet is hopeful the movement will be a catalyst for greater change, allowingContinue Reading

What can you say when someone runs on a campaign against City Hall corruption featuring a Whistle blower at his campaign opening and essentially turns his back on her after getting elected? Why that’s almost like stabbing the person that got you elected or having to find a judge toContinue Reading