A lot of good people have been hurt this year trying to save the City of Cornwall’s public art gallery.   From years of historic corruption, poor governance, and a lack of support in a community that is very very weak artistically the final insults to decency were delivered thisContinue Reading

CFN – I was given a book by a friend not too long ago which I am just getting around to reading, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan.  So much interesting information…”Our ingenuity in feeding ourselves is prodigious, but at various points our technologiesContinue Reading

CFN – Sadness enveloped my heart as I witnessed a once vibrant life had been snuffed out. Many years ago I first noticed this lovely specimen.  It had taken up residence next to the post box which I travelled to on a regular basis; I couldn’t help but notice its regal stature. Continue Reading

Yes today is International Forest Day folks.  For those of you able to, get out there and enjoy all that our trees and natural landscapes have to offer.   Consider the fresh air, the wonderful movements and sounds of the birds and crawling critters and the symphony of the wind amidstContinue Reading

  Are we progressing or regressing? What the heck are we doing folks?  I attended a community gathering last week which was organized by one of our local non-profits; what I would describe as an environmental organization which featured speakers from another environmental organization.  I knew the talk would touchContinue Reading

I think many of us have heard about the emerald ash borer which arrived in North America from overseas in 2002. This insect thrives on and consequently kills ash trees within 4 years of infestation. We have witnessed the impact this little bug is having on our landscape as onceContinue Reading