Cornwall Ontario –  Liberals and NDP are attempting to create a wildfire over allegations that data was stolen of users of the 407 highway which so far has resulted in at least one resignation of a PC MPP candidate and now is being investigated by York Regional Police. Here inContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – While Andrew Scheer, or Harper -2.0, is embracing MP Guy Lauzon’s announcement that he’ll be running for re-election in 2019 it’s clear that his party is dropping the ball locally. It would have been easy enough to allow the corrupt and scandalized Lauzon to ooze away intoContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – MP Guy Lauzon will no longer be chairing Canada Day events in Cornwall CFN has learned. The event had been run through his riding office for several years with no audited books.  His executive assistant was alleged to have stated that because the committee meetings are “inContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – So after my editorial about Guy Lauzon’s partisan control over Canada Day here in Cornwall a lot of chatter and great ideas have been floated through my inboxes. Clearly many CFN viewers are dismayed at any Politician of any one party controlling our Federal celebration. What hasContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Another Canada Day in Cornwall.  More social media griping, rain, bad fireworks, crappy bands, Cornwall sucks, blah blah.   I get it. It’s time though, that if the public want a better Canada Day festivity to take charge.   There’s no reason for a sitting MP toContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Another wasted Canada Day here in Cornwall Ontario as Conservative MP Guy Lauzon is allowed to hijack our Nation’s Holiday once again for his partisan escapades. Questions of his committee came up at Monday’s Council meeting as it’s not a committee of council and MP Lauzon stillContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   Monday was a rainy drizzly day in Cornwall.  Apparently our mayor, not big on original thought or ideas of his own, tried to team up with another sizzling mind in MP Guy Lauzon to have a partisan party in Lamoureux Parc at taxpayer expense. Did youContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  I live in a very strange community.  Ignorance and corruption are literally destroying our local economy.   Now two of the main three media are for sale, and the Standard Freeholder is rumored to be wobbly.  Corus Radio chopped its newsroom staff a few years ago asContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Surviving a conspiratorial City of Cornwall led boycott isn’t easy.   As we approach our 8th Anniversary good news is always nice to see especially as we survive on a near non budget with little to no staffing. Thanks to our many contributors and supporters who helpedContinue Reading

Conservative MP Guy Lauzon issued a new mailer.   The purpose of a mailer generally is to communicate with voters in the riding.  It is done at tax payer’s expense and not of the Conservative Party. The latest mailer, which is a whopping 11×17 inches includes  a whopping four pages inContinue Reading

Incredulously enough City Council asked the very person at the root of the Chem tank cover up scandal to issue a report, which he did last month. Bob Peters is the number two in our Economic Development office.  His tome to council reads like a game of Three Card Monte.Continue Reading

Canadians have spoken, and loudly, condemning Stephen Harper and rebuking his policies to the point of giving Justin Trudeau and his Liberals a full majority. Thomas Mulcair and his NDP fared even worse than Harper sliding back to their traditional less than 50 seats. Locally Guy Lauzon handily beat CityContinue Reading

This has been the most disappointing of elections.   It’s like rows of Neanderthals grunting and throwing poo at each other here in SD&SG with no change expected. CFN was moving towards endorsing the NDP before the writ dropped which would be a first, but the local candidate, Patrick (Veggie)Continue Reading

CFN chatted with Cornwall City Councilor Maurice Dupelle over the Chem Tank scandal and cover up that has leaked its way into the Federal election as Councilor Bernadette Clement is running for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. While many media and politicos are targeting Lauzon the cover up clearly was by theContinue Reading

So with one week to go where do we stand with one of Canada’s longest elections? Stephen Harper clearly will not enjoy another majority which has many Canadians rejoicing.    Scandal after scandal has plagued his government, but most simply have grown tired of the politics of fear mongering andContinue Reading

As we get closer to the 19th it seems the local Liberals are feeling the frustration from trailing so badly in the poll numbers.      Or simply they have an utter boob as a riding President and simply didn’t replace him as they never had much hope of actuallyContinue Reading