Cornwall Ontario –  CFN like all media outlets needs revenue to survive.  Our original business model was to support local business at reasonable rates. In fact we didn’t have digital ads (like adsense) until the City initiated a conspiratorial boycott that impacted our roster of advertisers, many of whom wereContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   It’s tough being number one sometimes.  It means the jealous kids won’t play with you much; at least the underdeveloped and really immature ones. For example I have a lot of media peers outside of Cornwall that I get along with, and even sometimes collaborate with, butContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Economic Development is one of the biggest envelopes in the City of Cornwall’s budget.  It also now entails tourism. Sadly, under the reign of Mark Boileau & Bob Peters it’s been an underperforming joke.  Oddly enough Boileau was promoted up and Peters was given tourism and someContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  The City of Cornwall instructed their high priced Ottawa legal reps at BLG to drop the case against Doug & Rachelle Raymond over the excessive noise citation given to the seniors for playing a Friday night card game in their backyard where they would listen to someContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – Cornwall By Law Officer Larson Payette is a busy boy.   He is involved in the false vicious dog citation given to a city man which appears to be heading towards the same courts as the case of Doug & Rachelle Raymond  who have engaged local lawyerContinue Reading

The City of Brampton just axed 25 management and senior officials in what has to be one of the most progressive house cleaning jobs in Ontario Municipal history. From the Toronto Star article: “We had to notify 25 individuals that had to exit the organization this morning,” he said, butContinue Reading