As the death rattles for the Cornwall River Kings shake, owner Steve Moreau answered a few questions for CFN regarding the shutting down of the team. Ironically a last ditch effort by Rodney Rivette is another example of the dysfunction and corruption of the culture in Cornwall.  Where was olContinue Reading

The Cornwall River Kings have kicked off their first Season Ticket drive for the upcoming season after Council decreed that they would only get 30% of advertising revenue from the Civic Complex. Second season owner Steve Moreau cited his own excitement after seeing fan response since he took over theContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – It’s great to write a happy story about the Cornwall River Kings.    The next chapter in their history began this week when Steve Moreau helped save the team by purchasing it after the disaster created by Cornwall’s own Criminal City Councilor Brock Fraud Frost. Mr. FrostContinue Reading