Cornwall Ontario – Poor Hugo Rodrigues.   I say that in jest.  The former President of the Canadian Association of Journalism spewed a rant over our pathetic Ministry of Culture, Melanie Joly’s, new whatchamacalit thingy where essentially the biggest gloat was Netflix spending $500M creating content in Canada.  Nothing against Netflix,Continue Reading

 Ontario Liberals are buying union votes at the hydro rate and taxpayers expense a recently retired Ontario Power Generation CEO  made $1,528,933.36  in 2015  In 2014  at least 148 OPG and Hydro One employees made more than a quarter million dollars a year and there were 12,500 OPG and HydroContinue Reading

Letter to the editor  Hydro at any cost in Ontari_owe: . Approximately 25 OPG workers are still employed  at the closed coal Lambton station to preserve its idled condition for possible future conversion how many other closed coal plants employ people to do very little. The  Atikokan converted biomass plant Continue Reading

A looming municipal election provides opportunity to raise some issues relevant to South Stormont’s future economy. The newly designated industrial area between Hwy 401 and the CN Rail line, to the east of Moulinette Road has the advantage of being in close proximity to main power transmission lines, a naturalContinue Reading