Cornwall Ontario – “Painting as a Pastime”, by The Right Honourable Sir Winston Churchill is a book I have treasured over the years. I inherited it in the late ’60’s. It states that the hardcover edition was first published in the 1950’s in the USA by The McGraw-Hill BookContinue Reading

    Cornwall has a lot of wonderful and talented artists. Brenda Connelly is one of them. She has painted in oils and watercolour but acrylics are her preference at this time. Some years ago when Jean McCormick had her Art Studio on Pitt Street north, Brenda attended the studioContinue Reading

Moise Lasata is an example of a tortured artist struggling with life’s challenges.     After working for years in Welding, and of some of the toughest industrial sorts, he was debilitated, losing a lot of ability to use his hands. While at a centre connecting with his First Nation’sContinue Reading