The banning of wood backyard fires is a hot topic in the River City. ( I know…I just had to!) Seriously though, now is your chance to sign our simple petition below. (Please note that it may take awhile for your signature to show up.) We are opening viewer commentsContinue Reading

I don’t envy your job Doug. I would never want to be Premier of Ontario. I admire your fight against the pointless and abusive cash grab that is the carbon tax. While that is going to be a long fight there is something your government can actually nail down andContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – With the province rationing health care times a big question that’s starting to loom is whether this City is paying a price for electing Conservative Jim McDonell not once, but twice during this near 15 year run of Liberal governments in the province. Not only that, butContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – One would think that after the shooting at a mosque in Quebec City that left six dead that Quebec and Canada would be hyper sensitive to threats of violence based on race. Yet after McGill Student Society Board Member Igor Sadikov still has not been charged and hasContinue Reading