So the official mouth pieces for the city are floating a piece with the Police Brotherhood, surprise, surprise, wanting more officers hired. They want a discussion. And this writer agrees that there needs to be a discussion, because of the end of the day there are valid concerns and questions.Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The city of Cornwall Ontario spends approximately 1,531, 850 per month for policing.   Based on their own released numbers for the Month of October of 1,370 calls for service or eligible incidents the grand total per call/incident is a whopping:  $1,118.14! As the city wrestles with runawayContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – For those upset about the high price of policing in Cornwall Ontario and the CCPS refusal to give out real and concrete numbers and information it’s been a challenge to process data so that the public can understand how much they’re being gouged. What we know forContinue Reading