CFN – Tammy Hart and her very odd council in South Stormont appear to be in retreat after humiliating the township, again. In an act of truly boggling weirdness she and her council initiated discussion in limiting or eliminating cameras in open council meetings. Ms Hart and friends have anContinue Reading

CFN – It’s been an even uglier election than the one in Cornwall, this South Stormont Election.  Sadly the biggest candidate topic seems to be an advertising contract to the South Stormont News which was the only outlet covering the All Candidates Debate at the Lion’s Club in Bonville. There’sContinue Reading

CFN– The election in South Stormont took an ugly turn as the South Stormont Chamber of Commerce has been officially hijacked.    The chamber, having been resuscitated from death in the last year, took a downward turn after sitting President Donna Primeau chose to not have the scheduled AGM. AccordingContinue Reading