Cornwall Ontario –   Not sure what’s wrong with security at the SD&G Highlanders Armoury in Cornwall Ontario? After a Submachine gun was stolen, a story broken by CFN LINK, Cornwall’s favorite Santa, Terry Muir (who boycotts this newspaper) posted on social media that a pile of Christmas toys were stolen fromContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – A CFN viewer emailed in upset over an alleged cover up over a missing gun from the armoury. We get lots of information from the public.  Each case has to be evaluated and of course verified because even a gonzo newspaper has to tell the truth. TheContinue Reading

Does this image offend you? It should.  It does me. Does this one? Can you imagine some drunken idiot putting a picture of someone in the centre of a poppy because they were suspended by Facebook?   I know.  Insane. When presented this image Bill Maxwell of the Canadian LegionContinue Reading