Editor’s Note: This is today’s OPP police blotter and it has not been edited by CFN. SD&G OPP NEWS (STORMONT DUNDAS & GLENGARRY, ON) – The SD&G Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are investigating several incidents after responding to 222 calls for service from Thursday January 23, 2020Continue Reading

The Cornwall police are a financially over bloated and under performing service. There are some great officers there, but it’s leadership frankly…. The Police are now refusing to respond to basic questions from this newspaper. Whether it’s connected to the allegations against Chief Danny Aikman, which we haven’t even publishedContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   Danny Aikman is a wee fellow.    He made his way through giants to eventually become police chief of the CCPS.  (was there any truth that he only would accept a Deputy Chief that was shorter than he was which was how Ms Spowart got the position?)Continue Reading

Editor’s Note – This incident wasn’t reported by the CCPS or SIU when it occurred.   The SIU is only reporting its closure of its investigation because the injury wasn’t deemed serious enough.  It is not an exoneration or statement of innocence or guilt. We media, nor the public at large, Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Many are suggesting that the Cambridge Analytica data issue is simply the tip of the zuckerberg; that in this one instance there’s a whistleblower that clearly defines this instance, but that data from facebook has always been used and reused, and possibly marketed by facebook itself. WhileContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Facing clear prejudice from the CCPS this newspaper is still asking for basic accountability and transparency. Here is today’s police blotter BREACH Cornwall, ON – A 24-year-old Cornwall man was arrested on December 4th, 2017 and charged with breach of undertaking for attending a certain address, beingContinue Reading