Cornwall Ontario – Are we being misled by city officials and a land developer?  Well… at the very least, a “proposed” condominium development on public waterfront and parkland in Cornwall does seem ominously secretive.   Is this condo and capital venture, skirting the proper divestiture of Federal Lands, and isContinue Reading

That Hugo Rodrigues is one funny cat.   When I issued a release stating my intention to run for mayor again in the next election, and would do all possible to rescind the bizarre Harbor Deal in Cornwall Ontario that would give the good people of Akwesasne a half interestContinue Reading

There is a reason why the Federal Government is trying to unload harbour lands across Canada.    Most are polluted or have historic environment issues that literally could cost billions of dollars to resolve. Cornwall’s harbour is so polluted that when a movement to create a beach occurred a fewContinue Reading

Incredulously enough City Council asked the very person at the root of the Chem tank cover up scandal to issue a report, which he did last month. Bob Peters is the number two in our Economic Development office.  His tome to council reads like a game of Three Card Monte.Continue Reading

The ongoing behind closed doors Secret Negotiations with Akwesasne over our Port and Port Land is I believe nothing short of an engineered   sham a diversionary tactic by Mayor Kilger attempting to turn our focus away from the truth about the Trillium Tanks on our water front land. WasContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Like something out of the movie Chinatown it looks like the Mayor and some of his team have been caught gerrymandering in the dark with regards to the divestiture of Harbour lands in Cornwall. What should simply have been a municipal government yielding to the will ofContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –  City Hall here in Cornwall just issued a release stating that Trillium Distributing Cornwall Inc. is going to halt for a month while ongoing talks continue. Frankly that’s frightening.    The Mayor and Council have still refused why Economic Development knew about the project starting in FebruaryContinue Reading

Are you kidding me, city officials are powerless to stop the construction of the illegal chemical storage tanks that are being built on our waterfront!   This is insane. The company ignores the “Stop Work Order” and they forge ahead with the tank farm. If an ordinary guy ignored anContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It’s really weird covering a story when you’re in the story.    As many of our viewers know I’m an activist at heart.   Beaver Gate; defeating Wal-Mart over the First Student Drivers Survivor Weekend, finding lost dogs and people… So when I discovered and started toContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – There are now four petitions asking the Federal Government to stop construction of Chemical Tanks on the Cornwall Ontario Harbourfront. What we know is that as early as February 2013 Economic Development; most likely Bob Peters, was contacted by parties connected to what would become Trillium DistributionContinue Reading