Dom DeLuise Passes Away at 75

A very funny and talented man.   Poor Burt Reynolds has lost his pal. DeLuise died in his sleep on May 4, 2009 at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California, aged 75. He was hospitalized at the time, suffering from kidney failure and respiratory problems following a long battle with cancer. WIKI LINK IMDB […]

So have you gone to see Wolverine Yet?

Number one at the box office this weekend and the latest Marvel Comic book flick.    Betcha Randy at Fantasy Realm on Pitt sells an awful lot of these comics over the next while…  ( You can catch Wolverine locally at The Galaxy.  And if The Galaxy would become one of our sponsors we’d start doing […]

If you loved TWILIGHT

httpv:// And in other Hollyweird news it looks like Wall Street 2 will be made starring Michael Douglas returning in his role of Gordon Gecko with Oliver Stone back to direct.  No word yet on Charlie Sheen. please visit our sponsors:

86400 Trailer

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet for local Filmmakers 86400 here it is courtesy of You Tube.   To find out more about 86400 click this LINK httpv:// please visit our sponsors:

Maude Star Bea Arthur Dies of Cancer at 86

She was a talented tough old gal who made a lot of people laugh and was a fine actress. L I N K IMDB LINK Arthur’s tall frame and signature deep voice first graced the small screen in an episode of “All in the Family.” She played Edith Bunker’s cousin Maude Finley – an unabashed […]

UPDATE – Billy Bob drops out of Canadian Tour

UPDATE – Billy Bob drops out of Canadian Tour

UPDATE – It’s being reported that Billy Bob Thornton and his band have dropped out of the remainder of Canadian Tour Dates. lol, you don’t mess with the CBC 😉  For those of you that missed it, here’s his interview. httpv:// please visit our sponsors:

Billy Bob Freakin Out on CBC

I like to listen to CBC radio while I’m at work during the day.   Well yesterday Billy Bob Thornton made CBC a little bit more interesting. Looked like ol Billy Bob was upset about the CBC’s smoking rules or just forgot to take his Prozac that morning, or is just a major ahole.   It was […]

CDN Healthcare blamed for Natasha Richardson’s Death

L I N K Leave it to the New York Post to blame Canadian, or in this case, the Quebec health care system for the death of actress Natasha Richardson. “Her initial refusal of medical care accounted for only part of the delay. She was still conscious when seen at a hospital and her death […]

Robin Williams Recovering After Heart Surgery

Robin Williams Recovering After Heart Surgery

Comic Legend Robin Williams is recovering in a Cleveland Clinic after undergoing surgery to replace his aeortic valve. LINK “Mr. Williams’ operation went extremely well and we expect him to make a full recovery. The 3 1/2 hour heart surgery was conducted to replace his aortic valve, repair his mitral valve, and correct his irregular […]

Actress Natasha Richardson Dead After Skiing Accident.

Actress Natasha Richardson, wife of Liam Neeson and daughter of screen legend Vanessa Redgrave has had a horrible ski accident outside of Montreal in Mont Tremblant. FOX NEWS is reporting that she’s officially brain dead and to be removed from life support systems upon returning to her home and family. UPDATE – Ms Richardson has […]

Weekend Box Office Leaders

TOP SIX MOVIES AT THE BOX OFFICE Race to Witch Mountain won the race coming in first place followed by: The Watchmen The Last House on the Left Taken Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail Slumdog Millionaire

BIG $$ back in Hollywood

BIG $$ back in Hollywood

Just like in the Great Depression people are going to the movies to forget their troubles.   LINK Back-to-back-to-back all-time monthly records and almost $2.6 billion in the bank by March 31 would be further proof that the movie business is recession proof. In fact, the more dreary the economic news becomes, the more Americans seek […]

And the Oscar goes to…

Weird Oscar show last night.  As one person was quoted they turned on the Oscars and instead got to see The Tony’s. Best Pic went to SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. Best Actor: Sean Penn Best Actress: Kate Winslet Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger Best Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz. So what do you think Cornwall?  Did you watch […]

Trump Entertainment files for Bankruptcy

Apprentice star Donald Trump quit his company which has filed for Bankruptcy Protection.    Click the photo to read the full story.  I don’t know.   It’s never a good thing when a company with your name attached to it sputters out. Trump, a very public and flamboyant figure in an industry filled with colorful, headstrong executives, […]

Miley Cyrus sued for 4 BILLION $ over Racial Slur Photo

Miley Cyrus sued for 4 BILLION $ over Racial Slur Photo

LINK Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus is being class action sued for 4 Billion dollars over her appearance in a racially offensive photo. Wow, that’s wild.  No more making faces or telling really bad Polish jokes for me!  What the heck is our world coming to?  Racism is bad.   The world would be better without […]

Salma Hayek Breastfeeds the Poor

Salma Hayek Breastfeeds the Poor

httpv:// Now that’s what you call GENEROUS!   You go Salma! Please visit our sponsors:

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