JANUARY 27, 2021 – SD&G area Paralegal James Moak of Cornwallparalegal.com has been nominated for the inaugural Paralegal award by the Carleton County Law Association. (CCLA) Mr. Moak has been very busy, even through this pandemic, as his Kingston and Ottawa offices have been expanding. He also spearheaded what isContinue Reading

Tired of paying crazy ad rates?  Tired of paying for ads that aren’t seen?  With our traffic and story hang time this is the place you want to be and for a limited time and limited inventory(one slot on our home page and one on our inside pages)  you canContinue Reading

CFN – Paul J. Fudge, the founder and long standing owner operator of Paul J. Fudge Bailiff and Landlord Agent business in Kingston today announced that the “landlord agent” operations of his business has been sold to James Moak Professional Corporation.   “As many know, I have been considering semi-retirementContinue Reading

Ms. Milena Cardinal, of the Cornwall based law firm Cardinal Law Professional Corporation today announced a new partnership within the corporation with the addition of Accountant and Tax Specialist Thierry Cardinal.   Thierry is the brother of Cardinal Law’s founder Milena Cardinal.   “To us our clients are like family,Continue Reading