Are you ready for a lifestyle change? Maybe you just desire fresh scenery, a new job, or a break from the past, for whatever reason. Luckily, relocating can solve multiple challenges at once. But, like every other major life change, there are costs and personal adjustments involved. For homeowners, stepContinue Reading

Gaming commissions are in charge of gaming regulations. Each region in Canada has its gambling agency that looks at the betting affairs. It is a fact that these gaming agencies are created to monitor, issue, and regulate all betting operations in the country. This article will discuss extensively all informationContinue Reading

It’s not everyday a business in Cornwall celebrates its 10th Anniversary! CFN has decided to do so by offering a heavily discounted banner ad deal for the Month of January 2019! E Interac us your payment to as well as emailing us your 300×250 (or smaller) ad banner andContinue Reading

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Everyone loves a good discount, especially when times are hard and money is tight and some people just like the thrill of finding something 80% cheaper than the last place they looked – why not?! Whether you live in or are thinking of going traveling to New Zealand, we’ve collectedContinue Reading

An Ontario travel website seems to think the province ends at Ottawa and Kingston.   A quick visit to the website shows that Eastern Ontario has no section and that the Cornwall area is lumped into Ottawa with no areas highlighted on its map. Eastern Ontario seems to be listedContinue Reading

It’s that time of the year! Saturday September 7th & Sunday September 8th  Gates open at 10 AM 2-day pass available for $12.00. Area residents remember to purchase  the program for the Pow Wow which includes a return  Bridge Pass!  Drums & Dance Competition Traditional Craft and Food An amazingContinue Reading