February will be the tenth anniversary of this newspaper.   That’s a long time and a lot of hard work. It’s resulted in over 1 million human pageviews monthly.      LINK Sadly, CFN never became the creative fount of positivity I envisioned when I started this venture in February of 2009. Continue Reading

It was the police that named her Digger. They said she was instrumental in helping them solve some major crimes. The clinical director of child protection services said that she “saved the lives of many children”, and the community awarded her the Community Service Award. But more importantly is theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – CFN editor Jamie Gilcig is in talks with a Toronto publisher to option Dirty Town Under a Crooked Bridge. The book, about the experiences of a small town newspaper editor set in Cornwall Ontario who faces corruption, bullying, and racism;  has been a work in progress forContinue Reading

CFN – She had a tragic yet beautiful face for someone so young.  She’d been a waitress.  A real waitress, not someone that had simply worked as one to get by.   She had that special quality that born waitresses have, like prostitutes.  She could put someone at ease whileContinue Reading

I was supposed to make an announcement yesterday and delayed.  Frankly I wrestled with whether to go public or not, but after much thought and consideration I have decided to be go through with the announcement. Some may know that my background isn’t journalism, but screen writing. It was myContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Didn’t my mom and dad make cute babies? I turned the BIG 5-0 today.   It’s bewildering.  Frankly it kind of freaks me out.   The 31st of July has spawned some odd and strange people.  I share this day with Wesley Snipes and JK Rowlings; EvgeniContinue Reading

This is an excerpt from a draft of Dirty Town Under a Crooked Bridge.  A novel by Jamie Gilcig. Sorry for being late with this excerpt, but it’s been a crazy crazy last few weeks. Please note that this material may not be suitable for children and certain tight asses.Continue Reading

CFN –   As some of you know I’ve been working on my second novel; Dirty Town Under a Crooked Bridge.   It’s been an interesting and challenging process.   I had to scrap my first draft and start over from scratch, and am also working on the screenplay asContinue Reading

Cornwall ON –  Jay Schwartz just turned in the 2nd official test cover for my new novel, Dirty Town Under a Crooked Bridge which comes out on Amazon Kindle and other fine E- Book retailers  just in time for Christmas!  Due to demand and interest I am very proud toContinue Reading

Cornwall ON – Here is a test look at the cover for “Dirty Town Under a Crooked Bridge” my new novel which I’m hard at work on in between posting news stories.   We’ll be posting some other test covers and would love your feedback.  Feel free to post hereContinue Reading