First Test Cover for “Dirty Town Under a Crooked Bridge” by artist Jay Schwartz – What do you think? June 24, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

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Cornwall ON – Here is a test look at the cover for “Dirty Town Under a Crooked Bridge” my new novel which I’m hard at work on in between posting news stories.   We’ll be posting some other test covers and would love your feedback.  Feel free to post here or email us at

The cover has been done by area artist Jay Schwartz who also is the creator of the Throwayz’ comic strip that we feature.   Jay also has done some work for the new album cover for The General Electryk.

“Dirty Town Under a Crooked Bridge” will be available via Amazon Kindle and other fine e-book retailers in time for the holidays!  Stay tuned for your sneak peaks exclusively on The Cornwall Free News!

So whatcha think of this first test cover?  Please post your comments below!

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  1. Love it – way to go, Jay!

  2. Off to a great start Jamie for your novel cover. I like this pic alot and hope your novel will be just as good. I already know it will be.

  3. good luck Jamie, I look forward to reading it

  4. Jamie Gilcig our own Truman Capote. Congratulations!

  5. Author

    Cojones the book is more of a David Lynch Twin Peaks kinda thing contrary to what some pinhead said yesterday.

  6. Twin Peaks and or Peyton PLace is a good summation of this city.

    I can’t wait to see who plays the log lady or perhaps in this case log guy.

    Maybe Furtz or bob or even willie *s*

  7. Love it! I definately look forward to reading your book Jamie….cheers!

  8. Author

    Thank you Eve. It’s been a blast so far although it’s funny how some people have pre-judged it…. 🙂

  9. Did you get your adjectives mixed up in the title?

  10. Author

    I do that a lot…

  11. are you gonna give a free signed copy to Guy Lauzon?

  12. smee you know that Guy Lauzon doesn’t know much about Cornwall, hasn’t done much for Cornwall, why he doesn’t even live in Cornwall. So no free copies Jamie please!

  13. Author

    Actually smee; the book is an e-book, but because of a surprisingly large amount of interest over the weekend I may release a special signed and numbered edition in print as this is a Xmas release. Did you wish to pre-order?

  14. If we are pre-ordering for a signed and numbered edition then by all means put me down for a copy.

  15. under your beliefe of freedom for all…is it free?

  16. Like I said Jamie your an interesting person and your always willing to try something new. I can hardly wait for the book. The cover is really creative, its perfect for the title and content.

  17. Well that is an interesting cover. It kind of dares you to pick the book up and start reading.

  18. Cover makes me think of people when you tell them you live in Cornwall ” oh that place stinks” good start,

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