CFN – It seems that there’s a move a foot to kill the CBC.  And it’s coming from within. Hubert Lacroix, the reigning President of our Nation’s broadcaster looks like Gordon Gekko a business guy/bureaucrat brought in to dismantle the CBC one block at a time. He didn’t work his wayContinue Reading

CFN –  I did something I swore I’d never do this weekend.  I signed up for traditional TV signing with Shaw Direct instead of Bell or our local Cable company Cogeco.  (Bell didn’t answer their phone within 5 minutes and Cogeco is just wrong – a horrible company in myContinue Reading

CFN –  So do you just jump from Sausages to Seafood without blinking?  Well that’s what the writers of Coronation Street are pitching as the Marcus (Charlie Condou who according to Wikipedia has a Canadian boyfriend!)  & Maria  (Samia Smith)  story line evolves. Now gay characters have come a long way in televisionContinue Reading