Best Canadian Online Entertainment in 2019

A lot can be said about online entertainment around the world in 2019, as it continues to impress and improve in both quality and popularity at a rapid rate.

Online entertainment is without doubt the number one source of entertainment in many countries around the world, one being Canada, where people have taken to it like a duck to water.

With 2019 now four months old, let’s look at some of the best Canadian online entertainment.

When it comes to online entertainment that is specific to Canada and the local residents, you really are spoilt for choice.

Online entertainment is in effect a large umbrella, with many different genres all falling under it.

One of the first types of online entertainment to look at, and arguably one of the most popular, is music streaming. It’s said that in 2018 93% of teens were listening to music via streaming platforms, with 91% of millennials also following suit.

You can’t talk entertainment in Canada and not consider apps, with virtually everyone using them on daily basis. People use apps to stream music and video while they’re on the go, but also to play games too.

Online and mobile casino apps have become very popular in Canada over recent times, with online casino apps such as RoyalVegas amongst those downloaded and installed most often.

The popularity of apps shows no sign of slowing down, in fact the market is still growing, with them likely to continue as one of the best forms of online entertainment in Canada for years to come.

Music streaming in Canada, is much the same as everywhere else where it’s popular, with the same services ruling the roost so to speak. The likes of Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and Deezer are the pick of the bunch, with Spotify the king when it comes to music streaming platforms in Canada.

It’s no surprise, as Spotify is number one everywhere, with very few disadvantageous, if any at all.

It isn’t just streaming music which has Canadian’s hooked as a form of entertainment, there’s also the phenomenon of video streaming too, something which has had a huge impact on a global scale.

More and more of us are now streaming our favourite shows and movies, rather than turning on the TV and watching via cable or heading down to the local cinema to catch a film.

There are a few free streaming services that are popular in Canada with the likes of the Family Channel, Food Network and The Comedy Network all providing Canadians with brilliant online entertainment on demand.

Then come the paid subscriptions services, the kings of online entertainment in many respects, with services such as CraveTV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube Premium and DAZN.

These services provide users with access to TV shows and movies which cover every genre imaginable, as well as sports and custom content too, making them some of the most popular services in Canada today.

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