Nvidia’s 4090 Reveals the Problem of Advancing Graphics

With the release of the GeForce 4090, graphic card developer Nvidia had again raised the bar on video game visuals. Already offering the most powerful card in their last generation 3090ti, the new release ups the ante to unprecedented levels, but this step isn’t regarded as a purely positive development. Issues with cost, size, and […]

Fun Fall Activities to Try at Home

As the glorious sunshine and nice weather of the summer months finally give way to a much cooler autumn and winter, many of us are gradually retreating inside after a long summer spent in the great outdoors. Although for some this retreat inside for the colder months of the year can be a somewhat downbeat […]

How to choose the best hockey team to support

If you’re new to hockey and you’re looking for a new team to cheer for, this article is for you. When it comes to sports, you have to be really careful selecting a team or player you support because, in most cases, it’s for life! So, here are some tips to help you choose the […]

Everything You Need to Know About Online Slots in Canada

Everything You Need to Know About Online Slots in Canada

Were you aware that the Canadian online gaming industry is worth in excess of $1.2 billion dollars? There are several reasons why this sector has grown at a meteoric pace in recent times. Some of the most prominent include increased access to wireless Internet services, the growing prevalence of smartphones and more engaging virtual games. […]

How do online casinos and cybersports work together?

Online casinos and cybersports have seen tremendous growth, especially in the last two years. With the events that followed after the world experienced the worst public health crisis, where people turned to virtual activities to stop the spread of infections, the two recorded great success as players and found new platforms that they can use […]

Gaming Has Never Been So Popular in Canada — Here’s How You Can Enjoy it Too

In countries like Canada, which have an advanced economy, strong internet infrastructure, and high levels of disposable income, gaming is an incredibly popular hobby. This is because the ease of access, extensive choice of options, and low costs make playing games on consoles, computers, and smart devices an attractive prospect, even to people who may […]

Unique ways of entertainment

Unique ways of entertainment

The pandemic has changed every aspect of our everyday life, from work to entertainment. Although it might be slowly getting back to how it was before, some things will change for good. These alterations are the result of necessity, habits or simply preferences. In many cases, we will prefer to stay home and have fun […]

What’s to Come in 2022 and Beyond for Online Gaming

The online gaming space continues to grow at an impressive rate. Global Newswire expects the global market share for the industry to reach a stunning USD $545.98 billion by the year 2028. That figure stood at $203.12 billion at the end of 2020. One of the biggest reasons for the growth is mobile gaming. In […]


Have you ever dreamt of leading a club or team all the way to glory as a manager from the touchline? Are you the kind of person who fancies taking head-on decisions? No matter what sport you prefer watching, the sport simulation genre possesses a striking variety of gaming titles. Simulation game titles are quite […]

AGCO unveils application guide in the next step of privatising iGaming in Ontario

AGCO unveils application guide in the next step of privatising iGaming in Ontario

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has published its guide for operators seeking to apply for a formal iGaming licence in the province. The Internet Gaming Operator Application Guide was released on August 18, outlining how interested iGaming brands can register their interest in an AGCO licence, with a view to launching a […]

Where can Canada find new tax streams?

There is no doubt that taxes are a fact of life for people living in Cornwall and indeed the whole of Canada. By collecting tax money from individuals, businesses and large corporations, the Canadian government is able to raise funds to divert back into the country. While nobody in Ontario really likes paying taxes, it […]

Is online bingo sociable?

Is online bingo sociable?

Traditionally, bingo was played in big halls, with the chatter of old, and new, friends buzzing through the room. The Bingo caller would have fun names for the numbers; ‘Two Fat Ladies, 88’ or ‘Number three, cup of tea’ resounding through the room. Bingo was as much about winning and gambling as it was about […]

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