How to choose the best hockey team to support

If you’re new to hockey and you’re looking for a new team to cheer for, this article is for you. When it comes to sports, you have to be really careful selecting a team or player you support because, in most cases, it’s for life!

So, here are some tips to help you choose the best hockey team to support.

1. The winning team

Sometimes it’s just that simple. Look out for the team who is always on the winning side and get behind them. You want to support a team you can bet on, a team you can always put your money on, and that team is the winning one.

And you also want to make sure that, while you’re betting on your favorite hockey team, you’re doing it with the best people. In case you don’t know who the best guys are, here are some of the best legal betting sites in Ontario.

2. The team with history

It’s always a wise choice to support a team with a rich history, because you know you will always have bragging rights. What your team has won can never be taken away from them.

Also, more often than not, a big hockey team is always a big hockey team. They may lose their way at some point, but they almost always find their way back.

Teams like Montreal Canadiens, Chicago Blackhawks, and Toronto Maple Leafs are some great teams with history you can support.

3. The team closest to you

If you want to be a really dedicated fan, watching live hockey games and showing real support, then you might just want to choose the closest team to where you live.

That way, it is much easier for you to fit your new team into your schedule and be present as often as you can. You also save on traveling to watch your team play.

In addition to that, there’s also a huge likelihood of meeting people close to you who support the same team and you can easily create or join a community.

4. Your parents’ or friends’ teams

Sometimes it’s just great to follow the pack. If you have friends or family who are hockey lovers, it may be a good idea to just support the same team they support. You already have your community right there. They’ll help you understand the game more quickly and even update you on the basics you need to know about your new team.

5. Start from the bottom

It might not be such a bad idea to rally behind a new or rebuilding team. If you do that, years down the line, you can boast of having started from the bottom with the team and, in fact, being a part of the history.

It might not exactly be the easiest introduction to hockey as a new or rebuilding team will most likely struggle at the beginning, but it could really pay off down the line.

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