CFN – I desperately wanted to love Gatsby.  I really did.  So did the mostly female and older audience who sat in the dark theatre with myself and my companion and watched it. No, that’s The Aviator. No, that’s Titanic… Leonardo DiCaprio’s Gatsby is a mix of Jack and Howard with veryContinue Reading

CFN – Neverbloomers : the search for Grownuphood premieres tomorrow on the CBC Documentary channel.   LINK  Sharon Hyman’s first feature length doc is a generational retrospective navel gazing  journey.   It asks many questions; answers a few; but mostly what drew me to it and kept me watching wasContinue Reading

CFN – Shame is a stunningly bleak and hopeless movie.   It also is one of the best I’ve seen in the last year with not only stunning writing and direction; but truly magnificent performances by lead Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan,and Mr. Fassbender’s Penis. Director Steve McQueen doesn’t sugar coatContinue Reading

CFN – This movie is dark, distasteful and great. I have not read the books, and as an opening I will also mention that this review shall hold barely a Synopsis. Instead of a detail overview of what happened in this movie I shall give a brief overview. Because IContinue Reading