My Week with Marilyn – Review by Liam Morgan Sinclair-Dempster – February 2, 2012



CFN – *Sees no preview*


*Sees a poster on a wall and has a free movie*


*Has an expectation to dislike*


Now first you have to really know what I thought I was getting myself into when I went to see this movie. I thought it would be this boring documentary/true story type of film that really did no good, and was just out there to tell a story. Usually not my thing. I expected to honestly, dislike this movie. (Was kinda looking forward to my first negative review)


This… was not the case…


It was, by far, the best movie I have seen in in months. It had no action, no explosions, no nostalgia, no outrageous super powers. It had emotion, it had talent, and it had Marilyn. Oh it had Marilyn. Michelle Williams is stunning and wonderful. Drop dead gorgeous and deserving of her Oscar nomination.


The movie was amazing, it was sad, it was funny, it was romantic, it pulled you in and made you feel with it. The cinematography was amazing and only amplified the raw emotion. Oh my god, I’m nearly speechless. I cannot say much more, I really cannot…


I give it a 5 out of 5 popcorn bags. Damn near perfect, watch it. I cannot say anything else, just watch it.



Your Reviewer: 


Liam Morgan Sinclair-Dempster, a 17 year old student who enjoys writing, acting, and pizza, and I am a fan of movies!


I am not some big type hot shot reviewer, who believes his opinions are better than anyone else’s.


I just want to give a view to a movie from a young fan viewpoint. I’m just a guy, saying what a guy thinks of a movie. The average Joe’s review you could call it. I just want people to understand that a movie can be enjoyable, and bad, or good, and not.


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