DECEMBER 23, 2020 – Castle Faggot is a comedic straightforward novella of 85 pages by Derek McCormack with a bonus ten-page afterword by Zac Farley and Dennis Cooper. That last part exists as defense and praise for what I gather is a departure from DM’s normal writing. I admit toContinue Reading

Michael Musto says, “If there’s ever a museum for gay comic/actors navigating their way through show biz, Jason Stuart would have to curate it”.  Everybody who knows Jason, knows he is hilarious, but not everybody knows that he has been a true pioneer in the worlds of stand-up and LGBTQ representation.Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – In 2005, after telling a friend that I was moving to Cornwall, her eyes bugged out: “What about all the pedophiles?” she asked. I was taken aback: “For silly sakes, you can’t paint a whole community with one brush.” Project Truth was in full swing when IContinue Reading

  CFN – My mother recently loaned me a historical fiction novel based on the history of Glengarry and area in the late 18th and early 19th century. The story was so fascinating because I could see how the local culture has evolved from a combination of the Scots andContinue Reading

 CFN – I was delighted to be asked to review W. Brett Wilson’s book “Redefining Success: Still Making Mistakes”. For those of you who have watched  “Dragon’s Den” you may be familiar with him. A highly successful business man and philanthropist, his principles for business should be taught to everyContinue Reading

  CFN – How We Lead covers past, present, and future, “we” being Canada as a whole— citizens, businesses, corporations, NGOs and “not just governments,” Clark insists. And, importantly, Canada’s reputation in the world.   What kind of leadership, he asks, have we shown in a changing world over theContinue Reading

CFN-Jennifer DeBruin cherishes hearing the reminiscences of her maternal grandmother, Mary, about the days of her youth prior to the inundation of her hometown of Moulinette. Moulinette is one of the now Lost Villages, which once stood on the shores of the mighty St. Lawrence River, one of Canada’s most historic regions—settledContinue Reading

CFN – Who would not want to read a book with the title “2012 Rabbits and the Happy Apocalypse on Shortwave Radio”.  It certainly intrigued me. Author, Roy Berger, takes what could have been just another ‘end of the world’ theme and turns it into an interesting and socially relevant voyage for theContinue Reading

CFN – ‘The Perfect Mix’, a book of short stories written by local authors and published locally as well. There are 11 authors in all contributing 22 stories ranging in style from mystery and humour to romance.   I had a preview of the book (actually I was editing it)Continue Reading

Cornwall ON – Collateral Damage is A Father’s Day Collection of Mayhem. Needle Publishing’s first entry, in bust your face publishing, was TERMINAL DAMAGE. The challenge to their house authors then was that all the stories take place at an airport on the same day – when all hell breaks loose.Continue Reading