Ashley March Reviews – Direct Red by Gabriel Weston – November 25, 2011 Cornwall Ontario

CFN – I got this book delivered to me last week and have since finished it. It was a great and enjoyable read! Direct Red tells the true tales of what goes on behind the scenes in surgery. Leaving her office job and everything behind in her 20’s to focus on medical school, Gabriel became a surgeon and goes on to give incredible detail to every aspect of her job. From disecting human bodies in medical school, to performing stomach surgeries, she coves it all.

Some chapters aren’t for the squemish, that’s how well she paints the picture. She covers almost every aspect  of her occupation, from being a woman in a once again male dominated role, death and how it is protrayed, the speed you have to enable in the emergency room among others. She also dedicates one entire chapter to the hierarchy in the medical profession.

She also shares tales of hope and good hearted stories from the lives she’s saved.  Although she mentions right at the beginning that this book is not literally true, (she changes some of the events and names so that nobody will be noticed) it is still an awe-inspiring read.

I really recommended giving this a read, it gives you a better glimpse on the persona’s of people who work day in and day out and trying to save lives. It really is a heart-warming story.

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