Cornwall ON – One thing I know for sure is that we will not have the strength or stamina to look after our family or community needs without looking after our own first.  So…with the holiday season in full swing I would like to switch things up a little byContinue Reading

Episode four of our series “Cooking with Kretz” The 100 Mile Cuisine of SD&SG  County in Ontario Canada was full of challenges for Chef Shawn Kretz. He brined his organic local Pork in some Beau’s Brew Beer which is bottled in Vankleek Hill Ontario. The dish also had a cornContinue Reading

If you haven’t checked out the first episodes of Cooking with Kretz click this LINK. Chef Shawn Kretz has created quite the menu from foods harvested within 100 Miles of SD&G. In our first episode shot locally as Schnitzels, we featured Bison & Goat Cheese Pizza using a Beau’s BrewContinue Reading