10 Foods Every Student Should Know How to Make

Cooking is one of the most unusual activities you will have to do daily, as in a college dorm. Check out the top 10 simple food ideas for your lunch or dinner.

While the vast majority of students associate college with independence, freedom, and fun, only wise and judicious ones understand all the new responsibilities and duties they will have. Cooking is the number one problem for many freshmen who have no idea how to buy products and make something edible from them. Fortunately, there is an opportunity to eat campus food, which is usually not bad. However, you may become sick and tired of the same food from day to day.

Are you ready to advance your cooking skills and have a chance to enjoy delicious dinner whenever you want? Find a trusted and appreciatedacademic writing service that will have your back as you immerse yourself in the world of culinary art. Forget about frozen pizza and trivial sandwiches, as you will be able to cook much more delicious dishes.


The first meal of the day is usually the most important. Learn how to cook a sophisticated and nourishing breakfast, which will give you enough energy and strength for the whole day. Oatmeal is not only easy to cook, but also tasty to eat. If you are not impressed with the plain meal, you can always spice it up. Add some sugar, nuts, fruit, and cinnamon, if you prefer it sweet. Add some meat or grease if you like it salty.


Your stomach will thank you for every sip of a light dish. A delicious and nutritious broth is an excellent solution for cold evenings and busy afternoons. Just add your favorite vegetables to obtain a unique source of energy. The dish is appreciated by students, as it is easy and fast to cook, and exceptionally affordable. It will take you 10-15 minutes to get a fine dish favorable for your body.

Beef Stew

Are you ready to ask your friend, “Will youwrite me an essay?” and start developing your cooking skills? It takes some time and desire to cook a delicious beef stew, but the result is usually worth an effort. Feel the atmosphere and comfort of your own home with a flavor and taste of a perfect beef stew. Every student should pay attention to the dish, as it is not only tasty but also impossible to mess up.


Although it may sound pretty common, there are a plethora of tasty meals you can cook with eggs. Do you want to have a sophisticated breakfast? Well, you can always make an omelet or scrambled eggs. A nice salad sandwich is an excellent option for lunch, while a hard-boiled egg is perfect for dinner. Add some cheese and avocado to any dish you cook with eggs, and you will get a delicious and healthy meal.


Do you consider Ramen to be too basic and simple for a nutritious meal? The overwhelming majority of students just adore this easy-to-cook and tasty dish. There is no need to use yourspeedypaper discount code and spend hours cooking exclusive food from expensive products. Instead, you can combine the usual goods and get a nutritious meal you will enjoy.


Time is one of the most important resources for students. Therefore, most of them are constantly in search of healthy but quick recipes. Wraps are great, as they meet all the requirements, including little time it takes for them to be cooked and the excellent nutritious value they feature. Besides, it is exceptionally convenient to eat them both at the table and on the go. Just add different stuffing, and you will eat a completely different meal every day.

Mini Pizzas

Don’t you have enough time to make real pizza? Don’t you want to ask your friends, “Who cando my homework for me, as I need to cook?” Mini pizza is exactly what you need. This is a perfect meal for a student who hosts a party or any other event. There is always an opportunity to purchase a premade pizza dough or make it on your own. Opt for the delicious toppings and enjoy a tasty meal. A pizza recipe, in fact, is one of the most demanded among college students, as it is not only a perfect lunch but also a snack and treat.

Mug Desserts

If you are a sweet tooth, who really cannot cook, mug dessert is the top choice for you. You do not have topay for essays and other kinds of home assignments, as cooking will not take much of your time. Instead, you may get ready with the dessert and taste it as you study.

Just put all the necessary ingredients in the cup, stir them, and microwave. In a few minutes, you will get a delicious, flavory dessert.


If you know how to cook chicken, you know how to survive in the college dorm. Fry, roast, and grill chicken breast to get various meals every day. Delicious dressings, sauces, and side dishes will make your lunch or dinner more sophisticated and nutritious.


Talking about side dishes, you need to consider rice as one of the universal meals. It can be cooked as a separate course, or used together with meat or fish. Choose the dish you want to prepare and take some time you may need to get the tastiest lunch ever.