Cornwall Police Cst Kevin Wells to be Fired After October 7th Hearing Decision.

OCTOBER 13, 2020 – After a very long process Cornwall Police Service Cst Brendan Wells saw Greg Walton, retired Superintendent recommend his termination due to his work behavior.

No mention of the decision has been seen on the CPS social media channels.


The decision goes back to events that occurred that led to 22 counts against the Constable.

The final blow essentially was starting a shift knowing his driver’s license was expired and then covering up an accident that occurred that shift according to the document.

The process took place quite quickly, especially with the Covid delay. Sources within the CPS alleged that this is part of an internal struggle within the force that is seeing a purging of certain long timers and a changing of direction being pushed politically with the expected promotion of Deputy Chief Shawn Spowart.

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Mr. Wells Attorney, Lawrence Greenspon sent in the following comment for publication:

“We are extremely disappointed with the decision to terminate him in the face of the strong character evidence that was called and the positive performance evaluations that were filed. We will be appealing both the decision and the penalty”.  

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