Elizabeth May’s East Coast Sea Food Chowder – Guest Chef!

Chef Shawn Kretz’s column isn’t available this month as he’s getting married!  Congrats to Shawn and his lovely bride to be. So what we’re doing for you recipe craving folks is bringing in some guest cooks with their secret and yummy recipes.

Today’s is from Federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May lizz who we interviewed last week and of which you’ll see a few stories about from the interview as we finish them.

Elizabeth May’s East Coast Sea Food Chowder

Ms May isn’t quoting amounts as you can slide the quantities to suit how much you wish to make.  She said that you have to cook this in two parts to make the magic of it work.

MELT Butter, chopped Onions, chopped Celery, peppers.

The Broth

Add water, dice up potatoes and cook until soft.   Add fish.  She likes to use Scallops, Halibut, Lobster, Mussels, and Newfoundland Montaigne Shrimp.


In a separate pot warm up some milk.   This mixed with the starch from the potatoes will thicken the broth.

When simmering add to the Broth, season with Salt, Black & Cayenne Pepper, Worcestshire sauce, and Elizabeth likes to add a little Tabasco.

Elizabeth stresses that you should use local and organic vegetables and renewable and as local as possible seafood choices.

Enjoy and if you wish to reach Ms May in response to this you can do so via us at info@cornwallfreenews.com

More recipes from our guest chefs coming up soon!

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