Needle Publishing Says, “Happy Father’s Day – Bang!” E- Book Review by Roy Berger – June 22, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Collateral Damage is A Father’s Day Collection of Mayhem. Needle Publishing’s first entry, in bust your face publishing, was TERMINAL DAMAGE. The challenge to their house authors then was that all the stories take place at an airport on the same day – when all hell breaks loose.

COLLATERAL DAMAGE is Needles latest. Eight stories by eight authors are tied together by Father’s Day.

Eight authors have come together from their normal haunts all the way from Alfred Hitchcocks’s Mystery Magazine to the International Thriller Writers group and other spine tingling alley ways. It’s 99 cents. Anthology for a buck.

They aren’t polite little stories, they’re noir. They are dark, they are crime done by criminals. Stepdaughters kill their step moms. Gangsters argue about contemporary novel structure while looting and beating. Someone steals Amazing Spider-man #2 from a comic book store. It’s a book of revenge so sweet, happy father’s day.

The prose is generally fast paced. No mooning about puppies, the shape of clouds or puffy irrelevant memories.  If you are a fan of quick and dirty. If you would like to explore what professional, contemporary, mystery and suspense writers do for amusement, you are in for a dollar treat.

If you happen to have a Kindle, it’s very amusing to hear the ‘text to speech’, lady robot curse and swear. Yeah, there’s a lot of profanity and graphic, near pornographic violence in this anthology, so not for the faint of heart. Better keep your Rosary close and whatever you got, loaded.

Dave White

Dave White (Author), Russel McLean (Author), Steve Weddle (Author), Joelle Charbonneau(Author), Scott Parker (Author), Jay Stringer , (Author), Sandra Ruttan (Author), John McFetridge (Author)

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