By Mary Anne Pankhurst There are dangers that can accompany the designation of “Dr.” to people who work in the broad, $ multi-billion marketplace of alternative medicine. Governments and citizens can be tricked, seriously harmed or even killed by the plausible-sounding notions and potions sold by well-spoken, caring practitioners, whoContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – In 2005, after telling a friend that I was moving to Cornwall, her eyes bugged out: “What about all the pedophiles?” she asked. I was taken aback: “For silly sakes, you can’t paint a whole community with one brush.” Project Truth was in full swing when IContinue Reading

CFN – While Canadians were taking pleasure in the radiance of June-blooming poppies, something unlovely was germinating within the contaminated soil of a Cornwall-area Facebook group that specializes in mockery and cyber bullying. But it is the group’s pre-Canada Day defilement of the poppy that has the Royal Canadian LegionContinue Reading

Songwriter, guitar man and outlaw rock and roller Chris Andres, laughs a little when he tells me that after writing 500 songs over 30 years in the biz that: “Everybody has ‘one’ great song in them.  The rest is work.” But just below the surface of that wit, musicality andContinue Reading

To me, Gordon Harrison’s works are like love songs to the Canadian landscape.   And I learn that art lovers – from Iceland to South Africa, Argentina and Australia – are listening. In fact one, Julie Jacobson – wife of the former U.S. ambassador to Canada – made headlines a fewContinue Reading

  Cornwall Ontario – This news-story photo of a coyote, cozily curled up on the seat of a commuter train, is both compelling and concerning. On one hand, it hints at the remarkable intelligence and adaptability that has ensured the species’ survival over evolutionary time.  But it should also makeContinue Reading

CFN – Sitting in what was once the principal’s office at a school in Martintown, Ontario – the one Shannon Spooner bought and transformed into a multi-service, pet-centered mecca for clients who come from as far away as upstate New York, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal – I learn that theContinue Reading

From cave painters to Picasso, man’s best friend has always captured artists’ imaginations. There are many reasons why.  Among them, dogs – all descendants of Grey Wolves – have for tens of thousands of years given humans so much:  Protection, warmth, hunting and herding assistance, as well as comfort, companionshipContinue Reading

Their story is captivating, complex and creatively inspiring. But it’s also a story about their soon-to-be-opened glassblowing studio so has an additional layer of excitement. Because as the artists have helped me understand: You can’t open a studio if you’re looking through rose-coloured glasses. To begin, operating costs run high.Continue Reading

CFN – December – with its somber march to winter solstice – seems the perfect month to probe a poet’s perspective. April could prove too cruel with its seductive and expanding light, sometimes gaudy-vividness and abundant post winter distractions. And I hope Doug Hill will forgive me for using aContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It’s subzero outside and the November sun has begun its mid-afternoon descent. Yet, as it arcs ever downward, wide bands of warmish yellow light are suddenly streaming through the windows of Flowers Cornwall, right about the time Robert Martin says: “Flowers have a language. They can andContinue Reading