The Art of Everything By Mary Anne Pankhurst An Interview with Abstract Painter Chelsea Jodoin


100_4573 Abstract painter, Chelsea Jodoin, says that before she pursued a BA in fine arts she was the quiet type; the main reason why her first solo exhibition – at Centre culturel de Cornwall – is titled Extroversions.

Chelsea explains the transformation was due, in part, to discovering painting.  But enriched by educators who encouraged experimentation without constraint.

So it appears that for this person who had never – until university – picked up a paintbrush, “pushing boundaries” has become the lightning rod of her passion for colour, for composition and for imaginative vistas that can surprise and delight.

Drawing inspiration from literature, poetry and music she enjoys, Chelsea reminds me that:

“Everything representational, from paintings to poems, are inherently abstract.”


So her goal is to keep painting as a process of self-discovery.

Comfortable and aware that not everyone relates easily to abstract art, Chelsea laughs and says she often warns people:  “Don’t think you’re coming to look at flowers or pretty pictures.”

So I’m curious about what drives her.

“Instinct.  Some days you just get in the groove and BAM (!) it works. You’re amazed at yourself, you feel the colour and you feel strong and confident.”

The evidence is certainly there.  There’s a sense of urgency in some of her brush strokes.  And some seem to say “come with me.”

As we wrap up our discussion, I tell Chelsea I think she’s brave.

“Painting brought me out of myself, and ‘who you are’ is what an artist has to think about.  I have opinions.  There’s a part of me on these canvases.”

The acrylic and oil works on display in the gallery’s Corid’art (124 rue Anthony, Cornwall) can be viewed throughout January.

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  1. Thanks again for the interview Mary Anne.

  2. Enjoying this art!
    The more abstract piece hits me like it may have been inspired by the Italian, Memphis Group style of art that flourished in the 1980’s.
    Anyway, I like it!
    Thank you .

  3. I am not in to modern art but I do like the colors very much. I am a quilter and love color and fabric and I do needlepoint with classic designs and I appreciate good art. Mary Anne you amaze us with all the paintings. I am more partial with the nature of plants and animals that show reality but your colors are beautiful. The painting to my eyes looks more like a crazy quilt put together but in your way. LOL LOL. I can’t figure out what the painting represents but again I like your color scheme.

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