A Lifetime of Small Adventures by Bill Birnbaum – Review by Lorna Foreman – October 11, 2011

CFN – I just finished reading a delightful book, “A Lifetime of Small Adventures” by Bill Birnbaum

am always interested in people’s adventures whether they be big or small. I admit I had a little problem getting into the essence of the book as what he speaks about as adventures when he was just a child did not strike me as exciting.

But – and it is a big ‘but’ – as the adventures grew as he got older, so did my interest.


While it is true that none of them would have made “Survivor” or any of the other great adventure television series, what it did was make me look at my life in a different way with all the adventures and misadventures that I just take for granted. It is his spirit that caught me most and it is a spirit that will always find adventure in any undertaking of his.

He showed me that I, in fact, also have that spirit. It is hopeful that when you read it, you will realize your life is not quite as ‘blah’ as you may think it is for we all have stories to tell.

It is a worthy read.

“A Lifetime of Small Adventures: Stories of Adventure, Misadventure, and Lessons Learned Along the Way” by Bill Birnbaum, published by Douglas Mountain Publishing, Sisters, Oregon 97759. Www.DouglasMountain.com.  

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on that book Lorna. It sounds like a great read!

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