Brock Vegas Zooming! Waterfront & Arts Centre lead to $200 Million Dollars of Development Boosting Brockville Ontario Economy – October 11, 2011

CFN –  Brockville Ontario is a lovely city of 24,000 people on the St. Lawrence river halfway from Kingston to the Quebec border.  Ideally situated close to the 416 highway to Ottawa and the US border it’s gone through a lot of changes in recent years.

Acting Mayor Jason Baker


Like many cities in the region, Brock Vegas has faced the challenges of the recession as well as population drain to larger cities, but unlike most they are the host to over $200M worth of development a lot of which is connected to their stunning Art Centre.

Peter Dunn of the Brockville Arts Centre.


The Brockville Arts Centre is a lovingly refurbished building from 1858.   From being a city and fire hall, to a theatre the building on one end of picturesque King Street is a true gem.

State of the art sound; custom made seats, no bad vantage points make this charming 750 seat theatre a gem.     From stage presentations to Rock, Country, and Jazz concerts the busy facility hosts events over 150 nights per year.

CLICK to see what’s coming up at The Brockville Arts Centre

And that’s part of what’s making Brockville zoom.   The city is littered with new condo developments; especially on the city’s picturesque waterfront including the only aquarium between Kingston.   Someone in Brockville has figured out the importance of a strong downtown core to attract not only tourists, but in retaining their youth and attracting new residents to the city.

In fact the Arts Centre has a new condo development across the street from it.

Dave Paul ;  Brockville’s Economic Development  Guru


While Big Box stores are a part of any community’s growth the can have devastating impacts on down town cores and independent business; but with care the city has been attracting many boutiques, eateries, and filled many of the empty spaces along King Street.   The city now has a lively night life that’s been attracting Zoomers and residents from nearby cities like Ottawa and Montreal.

City Manager Bob Casselman


To learn more about Brockville you can visit their website, but the best way to learn about it is to visit his zooming city!

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  1. Good for them! Our great forward thinkers in Cornwall should learn from a smaller city like Brockville!

  2. Yes its a great story and congratulations to Brockville. Unfortunately for us our great forward thinkers in Cornwall are not thinking about us and the future, they only think about themselves and how long they can hold onto their heaven-sent jobs! We need to get rid of the old cliques and vote in some new, younger blood.

  3. I agree ..COME on CORNWALL! Let’s see progress like Brockville ! What’s with this city! Let’s see some GROWTH !!!!!!!!

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