The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – Movie Review by Liam Morgan Sinclair-Dempster – Cornwall Ontario – Jan 16, 2012

CFN – This movie is dark, distasteful and great. I have not read the books, and as an opening I will also mention that this review shall hold barely a Synopsis. Instead of a detail overview of what happened in this movie I shall give a brief overview. Because I believe the plot of this movie is not something I should say, and that many twists and turns happen that are very important I just do not wish to give them away.


I did give away the plot for my Sherlock Holmes review, but that movies plot did not have as much hidden points. I could tell you what happened and not give away what really made the movie good. Not in this case.

One thing I can say is that the opening credits, have nothing to do with anything.Its like a artsy fartsy music video that tries to hard to be artistic. It may have a deep meaning, or not. I do not know. It is basically a music video that placed right before the movie. It is pretty though… I can say that.

The brief view of the Plot is there is this young woman Lisbeth Salander (Played by Rooney Mara, who does a wonderful job) who is a computer Hacker, and a journalist named Mikael Blomkvist (Played by the latest James Bond, Daniel Craig) who end up teaming together to find out who murdered a young girl forty years ago. They end up finding a completely new string of murders, under covering a lot more than they had hoped for.

Be wary when you go to see this movie. It is rated 18 A and it deserves that rating, it holds nothing back. It is dark and distasteful, and really not meant for innocent or young people, because it will rob them of their innocence. If you see this movie, be prepared for the worst of imagery.

That is partially what makes it just a great movie though. It is well written, very intriguing, and very appealing to the eye. The characters are good, and even though it takes a second to get your bearing, the plot is the best part of this movie. I want you too see it for yourself, but if you are the type of person who only enjoys my little rainbow fests and sparkles, run and run fast. The beginning fails to start the atmosphere quickly enough in my opinion, and its pacing seems just off.

I really enjoy this movie (Not just because I am aroused by Rooney Mara in this role). Its only really lacking points is a slow start and those damned opening credits.

Your Reviewer: 

Liam Morgan Sinclair-Dempster, a 17 year old student who enjoys writing, acting, and pizza, and I am a fan of movies!

I am not some big type hot shot reviewer, who believes his opinions are better than anyone else’s.

I just want to give a view to a movie from a young fan viewpoint. I’m just a guy, saying what a guy thinks of a movie. The average Joe’s review you could call it. I just want people to understand that a movie can be enjoyable, and bad, or good, and not.

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  1. I have read the Larsson trilogy, and took the plunge to see the movie at the Port.
    My partner was impressed with it and I was not disappointed. The casting was great in my opinion
    and Mr. Plummer is always a treat to see.
    Good job Liam! Did you read the books?
    All the best to a young writer.

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