Wreck it Ralph Review by Liam Morgan Sinclair-Dempster – November 9, 2012

CFN – Before I talk about this movie I want to talk about a thought to be dead Disney format called ‘Short animations before the actual movie’ and how it was beautiful.  Short animations are some of my favourite pieces of entertainment. How they manage to catch your attention so quickly, and hold you there. Lasting just long enough to get you completely emotionally invested, and they pay you back for your investment. How they can do it without a single word. Just, amazing.

Wreck it Ralph brings this back and it could have been nostalgia but it was one of the best I have seen. It was without dialogue and it was a quaint little silly love story of boy meets girl, and it hit me deep. It made me genuinely feel something, and that is a feat for cinema in general. A good story told gets you emotionally invested quickly and never lets you go. This short film had that, and it set the bar high for the actual movie.



Look at me… I am gushing heavily and we are not even five minutes into this thing. But, alas, this was honestly that good to me and the group of people I was with. If anyone in Disney reads this, more shorts like that one please!

Now, onto the movie… Oh and the short was called Paperman.

Now, onto the movie. It was good by any means, but you have to understand why. Most movies are good because of what happens during the main focus. That’s badly put by what I mean is that this movie is made awesome by the things going on in the back ground. The gaming jokes and references, the one liners, and ‘blink and miss it’ moments.

What I mean is, the little things make this experience worth it, and I am trying not to just repeat this words this is good go see it.

Something you should be prepared for is that this movie is not actually for younger children. It looks and feels like a kids movie, one entire setting is a kingdom made of candy and the art style is to put it bluntly, very childish. However, I noticed very early on in this movie that is has some dark content. A lot of the jokes you would have to be a gamer, or be old enough to know some much older games. If I could pin this movie down for any one demographic it would be for anyone old enough to have known arcades in their youth, or is just generally a fan of those games. Just, like the title of this review suggests, it is a movie for adults in kid movie form.

Something else note worthy of this movie was the relation between Ralph and Vanellope. It felt so real you would have assumed it was a romance (Going with the idioticness of most A-list movie romances) however, it was a well done friendship. You could actually say it was more of a older brother/younger sister relationship. It was very real feeling.

The voice acting was par for the course, and the animation was pretty awesome. My only complaint is that most of the residents of this arcade land moved very… point to point. Hard to describe, but it was very retro game movement. This alone is not bothersome except that anyone with a big name or a higher definition game moved very fluidly and it just felt off. Especially in the Fix-It-Felix Jr. game, where everyone but Felix and Ralph moved like that and I just wondered why. That would be my only gripe about the animation though,

There was nothing really bad about this movie though, and it did almost everything excellently. I wish they could have made more use out of the characters we know and love though. If you are going to see this movie to see your nostalgia characters you may be disappointed to find that is not this movie. They are there, but background.

There is a moral of this movie, but it is quite simple and stated in the first scene of the movie at Bad-anon. The real trip is seeing Ralph really learning it, not just being told it. Which is a moral unto itself.

To sum this up, I highly recommend this movie to everyone. Just be prepared for a darker than usual animated Disney film.

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I am not some big type hot shot reviewer, who believes his opinions are better than anyone else’s.


I just want to give a view to a movie from a young fan viewpoint. I’m just a guy, saying what a guy thinks of a movie. The average Joe’s review you could call it. I just want people to understand that a movie can be enjoyable, and bad, or good, and not.

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