National Portrait Gallery unveils a new portrait of scientist and environmentalist James Lovelock – March 14, 2012

National Portrait Gallery unveils a new portrait of scientist and environmentalist James Lovelock – March 14, 2012

CFN – As a new portrait of scientist and environmentalist James Lovelock goes on display in the National Portrait Gallery, watch him recount, in enthralling detail, memories of his life’s work. . Born in 1919, James Lovelock is a globally respected environmental thinker and independent scientist. While his career has included work for NASA and […]

Neverbloomers: The Search for Grownuphood on CBC Documentary Channel – Monday February 27, 2012 8PM EST

CFN – Neverbloomers : the search for Grownuphood premieres tomorrow on the CBC Documentary channel.   LINK  Sharon Hyman’s first feature length doc is a generational retrospective navel gazing  journey.   It asks many questions; answers a few; but mostly what drew me to it and kept me watching was the connection I made. As […]

Cornwall Ontario’s Joey Bellmore reaches 1 Million You Tube Views – VIDEO INTERVIEW – January 23, 2012

CFN  –  Friday our office started getting emails about Joey Bellmore.  By this morning we’d had nearly 60 emails from people all over the world seeking our assistance in finding out what happened to the 30 year old St. Lawrence College Business grad. It seems Mr. Bellmore has been building a You Tube Channel that […]

CBS 60 Minutes Writer Andy Rooney Passes Away at 92 – “A Writer’s Job is to tell the truth.” November 5, 2011

CFN –  It’s amazing how we can walk through life walking by amazing people.   Look at that picture above.  If you didn’t know it was Andy Rooney what would you think?  Yesterday I was at an event and a gentleman introduced himself to me.   I’d struck up a conversation with his brother and […]

/A\ Morning Show to Broadcast from Cornwall on September 14 for Mayor & Council Team Cornwall Charity Golf Tournament

Cornwall ON – On Wednesday September 14, the cast and crew of the /A\ Morning Show will be leaving their Byward Market studios and broadcasting live from Cornwall Ontario. The show will be live on the air from 6 am to 10 am. “We’re excited to get out on the road and connect directly with […]

Why We Need Communications Regulations – Bell VS Fox TV North – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – May 5, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – One of the scary things about having Mr. Harper finally get his majority is the impacts and precedents I and many others fear it’s going to set. Before the election UBB was and still is a very large issue.   There was a break, a delay if you will, a proroguing of […]

What is going on in Canada? Elizabeth May Blocked From Televised Leadership Debates..Again – March 29, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – I just don’t get it?  Do you?  Apparently Elizabeth May is being banned from the Leadership debates…again….and so far there’s been nary a peep from the Federal Leaders. Could Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton, or Gilles Duceppe ever look at a female voter again if they don’t stand up for Ms May? Certainly […]

Founding Member of Royal Canadian Air Farce, Roger Abbott, Succumbs to Leukemia at 64 – March 28, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Canadians are stunned and saddened at the passing of Canadian Air Farce funny man Roger Abbott at the age of 64. I know that Air Farce is better known for the ageless CBC television shows, but I grew up listening to Air Farce on the radio; especially when I worked in what […]

One Man’s Night at the Genie’s by William Hennessy – Special to the Cornwall Free News – March 12, 2011

Ottawa ON – When I told people that I was going to the Genie Awards after-party in Ottawa last night, the majority of the responses were: “What are the Genie awards? After explaining that the awards honour and showcase the year’s outstanding achievements in Canadian cinema, many of these people came to the conclusion that […]

Tracy’s Back! Kate Ford Returns to Coronation Street for Canadian Viewers At Blanche’s Funeral – March 3, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – For we Canadian fans we’re only coming to grips with Maggie Jones passing and the end of Blanche Hunt’s character. It’s the usual Corrie event.   Holiday’s,  Weddings, Funerals; they can’t happen without something fun happening and sure enough Tracy Barlow’s furlough from prison where she’s serving for Murdering  former builder and lotario Charlie […]

She Kissed a Girl and She Liked It – Teenage Coronation Street Lesbian Hits the Cobbles on Canadian TV – February 3, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – She kissed a girl and she liked it.   It’s tough writing about Coronation Street here in Canada without giving away stealers from the UK edition that’s months ahead of us. I mean, here in Canada Blanche is still alive although not on screen any longer, but Maggie Hunt who portrayed the […]

Sunday Night on – Marketplace Co-Host Tom Harrington Pops on at 7:45 – Sunday January 30, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Click the mike to listen to SUNDAY NIGHT on starting at 7:30 PM.   Tonight we have a special guest.  Mr. Tom Harrington, co-host of the CBC TV show Marketplace. Friday night Marketplace features water filter scams where companies would make strange claims to get you to buy a water system […]