Cornwall Ontario’s Joey Bellmore reaches 1 Million You Tube Views – VIDEO INTERVIEW – January 23, 2012

CFN  –  Friday our office started getting emails about Joey Bellmore.  By this morning we’d had nearly 60 emails from people all over the world seeking our assistance in finding out what happened to the 30 year old St. Lawrence College Business grad.

It seems Mr. Bellmore has been building a You Tube Channel that has drawn over 1,000,000 million page views.

According to Mr. Bellmore the trouble started when his computer went on the fritz and he being burnt out took a mini sabbatical.

This resulted in queries and suggestions from he being “kidnapped” or arrested to simply running off with funds that his subscribers donated.

After a bit of searching we hooked up with Mr. Bellmore this afternoon at the Island Ink Jet Internet Cafe where we shot an interview and caught up with Cornwall’s other Million Man!


Joey is like a friendlier Canadian version of Alex Jones.   His messages focus more on health and food issues according to what we talked about as well as politics and some of the standard “truther” message.

I found it interesting how he and so many other young people have become so distrustful of the system; especially the political system that they’ve evolved into these myriad beliefs?

To me, my hope is that more people become involved in politics instead of American Idol and that they ask questions and make changes to the world.

Joey says he’ll be getting a new computer soon and has high hopes for his channel.  He wants to host his own radio and video show like Alex Jones and if energy alone can make it happen he’ll probably be back broadcasting before can say Stephen Harper is a big American sell out.

What do you think Truthers?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. I’m at 3.2 million views on my youtube page discussing upcoming games & software for the pc and im from cornwall ^^

  2. Can you share a link to Joey’s youtube video’s because despite his 1 million hits I can’t find anything on google or youtube when entering Joey Bellemore or Joey Bellmore! I would like to see what Joey has to say but I simply can’t find anything but the CFN interview!

  3. Mike…I am a youtube Joey Bellmore fan! His youtube name is JoeyB613 . I am one of his subscribers. I miss his video posts. His computer crashed and he’s been out for 2 weeks! I miss hearing what he has to say. Go check him out on youtube ! ….. JoeyB613…..

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