CBS 60 Minutes Original – Mike Wallace Dies at Age 93 – From Radio to TV – April 8, 2012

CFN – Legendary broadcaster Mike Wallace as passed away at the age of  93.    With a rich career spanning over sixty years Mr.  Wallace touched the birth of television to his pinnacle at 60 Minutes.

Known for his tough, sometimes fierce interviews, he was the voice of his generation in many ways when it came to journalism.

Visiting the Writer’s Guild in NYC in the early 90’s I had the chance to bump into him.  Ok, he was trapped in an elevator with me; but he was gracious and friendly answering some questions candidly and openly.  He was wonderful and an inspiration in many ways for myself as a journalist.

The Massachusetts native started out in radio like many of his generation before jumping to television where he hosted some early game shows before moving to the talk show format.

Ayn Rand Interview

Aldous Huxley

Early Philip  Morris Plug!

But it was 60 Minutes that he will always be most remembered for.  For decades his voice was connected with some of the most amazing interviews ever on television.

Mike retired in 2006.   His son Chris is a news man in his own right.   I think the late and very great Andy Rooney summed up Mike’s career so well so I’ll let this clip of his end this piece.

What a wonderful life and career….

RIP Mike Wallace 

May 9, 1918 – April 7, 2012

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  1. Thanks for this Jamie. I read Atlas Shrugged years ago. I think I will read it again. These interviews are great, they leave us with alot of thought.

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