What is going on in Canada? Elizabeth May Blocked From Televised Leadership Debates..Again – March 29, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – I just don’t get it?  Do you?  Apparently Elizabeth May is being banned from the Leadership debates…again….and so far there’s been nary a peep from the Federal Leaders.

Could Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton, or Gilles Duceppe ever look at a female voter again if they don’t stand up for Ms May?

Certainly she was the most entertaining debater in the last televised debates.   The Green Party, while not having any seats, certainly runs candidates Nationally.   The Bloc Quebec doesn’t yet does anyone suggest they not have a seat at the table?
I find it odd as we help bomb Libya that we try and stunt our own Democracy by trying to ban not only our only female candidate, but a National leader who’s been to the debate last time around.

Have we not learned our lessons.

This is such a black eye on Canada today and whoever is making this decision needs to lose their job and the Federal leaders need to stand up and be accountable.


Troy Reeb, Vice President of News for Global TV and head of the committee of TV companies, also says their ruling is based on journalistic decision-making.


“The consortium has decided to invite the leaders of the four parties represented in the House of Commons to participate in the leaders’ debates,” said Marco Dubé on behalf of the consortium of CBC, Radio-Canada, CTV, Global and TVA.


“It’s very important that in the next few hours that Canadians from coast to coast express their concerns,” May told the Victoria Times Colonist. “Otherwise, the old-boys’ club will win.”

What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. I don’t get why the mainstream media get to decide who we get to see in the debates. There supposed to report the news, not help shape it.

    Let her in. Let’s see if they’ve improved there platform.

  2. The decision not to allow Elizabeth May, a national political party leader, to debate the “big four” is an affront to the democracy that so many Canadians fought and died for during the last century.

    If the Green Party advertising budget were equal to the other parties’, it would be a different story.

    If you agree that Elizabeth May should be included in the leaders’ debate, you can sign an on-line petition at:


  3. This is not about an old boys club which is a sexist comment, It is about offering information to voters.There were 22 parties running across Canada last election, a line has to be drawn. How can people make up their minds with this format as it is?

    I also hated the sit at a table format used, 3 or 4 max, please.

  4. Author

    Eric any party that has a candidate in all of Canada’s ridings counts.

  5. A scandal if Elizabeth May is not included. This is the 21st century, not the Stone Age. Besides, the Green Party received 6% of the popular vote in 2008. Do the math and see how many seats that would translate into, if we had proportional representation.

  6. Boycott TV advertised products.
    Unless Green Party leader Elizabeth May is allowed to participate in the debate, people who feel this is totally unjust should protest by boycotting the products advertised on television — and tell the companies that advertise why you are no longer buying their products.
    Boycott TV advertised products.
    Boycott them now.

  7. Speaking of attacking the Green Party, there is an editorial in today’s edition of the Standard Freeholder that puts a definite Tory spin on the Green Confrontation at the Cornwall Square. Now this should be considered paid political advertisement. The Standard Freeholder is part of the Sun Media empire and an indirect arm of the Conservative party. After all they did hire Harper’s former communications director Tory Teneycke. Combine that with Mr. Savard’s well known conservative stand on all things then you can see the blue ink weaving the partisan spin.

  8. Author

    Here’s another one….the Chamber is hosting its All Candidate debate, but from what I’ve been told the 4 members of the panel and host are all Conservatives? Surely that’s not fair dinkum…..with over 700 members surely there is at least one Liberal and NDP person to reflect a more accurate representation of the popular vote; even in this riding?

  9. The issue I have is time. With more reps there is less time to get responses from fewer questions.
    Maybe we need more debates that focus on different concerns….

  10. er..admin….you forgot one Green Party person….

  11. Elizabeth May should be in the debate. What role do corporate advertisers play in making the decision to exclude her? Worried about Greening? She represents more voters than Duceppe. She is articulate and should be in.

  12. Reg
    Sun Media is a member of Quebecor Inc, Anything owned and operated out of Quebec is hardly a conservative supoort company.

  13. Smee, Did you even try to look up Sun Media or Quebecor? What about Tory Teneycke? Get your nose out of the Conservative talking points and look at what is around you. Read a paper, watch the news, get informed before spewing blue ink.

  14. Ok Reg or should I say Chicken Little

    Why not go on about Izzy Asper for firing Russell Mills on issues regarding Chretien. Your points carry absolutely no merit in differentiating which party is better than the other. Oh and I think it is Kory Teneycke, are you sure you were reading thr correct article?

    As for head placement, thinx you should pass a lil gas and remove your own from its current location.

    All you do is exactly what Jamie thinks we should remove from politics, rant accuse and provide no solution.
    I can’t wait to hear your opinions on Layton’s claim about Tim Horton’s hospitals.

    The last debate May participated in she really had nothing to offer, so if i supprted the party I would hope my money is better spent on her looking into a better campaign strategy.

  15. Author

    Smee I don’t see you offering solutions? I see you talking crap when people disagree with you and I see you spouting off partisan party lines.

  16. Smee if you had read any of the articles about Mr. Teneycke you would know that Tory is his common nickname because of his close ties to Mr. Harper.

    A man who argues without facts is either a philosopher or a fool…. A philosopher doesn’t need a pseudonym..

  17. Smee for your information I have never used a pseudonym even though you want to assign one to me.

    I have also done a little work for you. The link I am sending shows the long term connection of Quebecor to the conservative party. I only go back to the Brian Mulroney years but I’m sure their connection goes back even further.


  18. Jamie
    This is a solution which would provide May with more respect and better standing in the political arena let me quote myself for you “if i supprted the party I would hope my money is better spent on her looking into a better campaign strategy.”

    Unfortunately for the how to on that proposal, just like everyone else it will cost money.

  19. It seems very interesting that in 1997 preston Manning had 227 000 votes in the previous election, had one seat in Parliament (Deborah Gray) and was allowed to speak in the leaders debate. He later became leader of the opposition in Parliament. Miss May who garnered a million votes deserves a voice at the table.

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