Canadian Corrie News – Joe’s Dead and Cast Members Coming to Ottawa in April!

Cornwall ON – Geez I think it’s time for the CBC to start to give us more Coronation Street and catch up to the UK release of the popular show that’s celebrating its 50th Anniversary.

Perhaps they can simply add one episode per week?  Or maybe during holidays or a couple of times per year double up whole weeks?

I mean Blanche is still alive in the Canadian version!  I like many of you cheat.   I look at the UK version online and read about shows that have taken place months ahead.

Now I’m not going to give away any spoilers in this piece, but I’ll be glad to see Tracy back as Kate Ford was never dull on the show and she and Becky should be the cat fight of TV for 2011.

Currently here in Canada we’re watching the demise of Joe McIntyre.   Joe was whiny.  I’ve actually giggled watching a few folks that I know enjoy his leaving the show.   Michelle Keegan who plays his daughter Tina and has become a poster queen since she mystically developed very large boobs, was actually acting during her scenes.  Kudos to Michelle.     Helen Worth who’s played Gail for a million years did her best Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond (which she’s been doing for an awful long time now ).

One of the neatest thing about Corrie is the little bits of writing that they sneak through and you have to listen carefully to catch.  References to things that probably wouldn’t normally be present,but can still be fun and then they have their bits of fun, for instance playing Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” on the radio in the background while developing the Sophie Webster and Sian teen lesbian relationship.

So we here in Canada will get the Blanche funeral soon.   We also have the Corrie tour coming up to four cities across Canada including Ottawa which we’ll be covering, but more on that to come soon!

Stay tuned and you can talk Corrie by posting your comments below.

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