Sunday Night on – Marketplace Co-Host Tom Harrington Pops on at 7:45 – Sunday January 30, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Click the mike to listen to SUNDAY NIGHT on starting at 7:30 PM.   Tonight we have a special guest.  Mr. Tom Harrington, co-host of the CBC TV show Marketplace.

Friday night Marketplace features water filter scams where companies would make strange claims to get you to buy a water system for your home or business.

This story has a special Cornwall slant as we were one of the communities targeted by the scammers.

Tom joins us at 7:45 and after his segment we open the lines to you.

Call in toll free at 877 640 1175 whether you want to talk about politics, water scams, or the very hot Akwesasne Warriors!


Sunday Night on is all about you!

Akwesasne Warriors Choose Cornwall

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