CBS 60 Minutes Writer Andy Rooney Passes Away at 92 – “A Writer’s Job is to tell the truth.” November 5, 2011

Andy Rooney - Photo : Stephenson Brown

CFN –  It’s amazing how we can walk through life walking by amazing people.   Look at that picture above.  If you didn’t know it was Andy Rooney what would you think?  Yesterday I was at an event and a gentleman introduced himself to me.   I’d struck up a conversation with his brother and that led to him wanting to talk to me.

Over the course of that conversation I learned that this gentleman had a very interesting life.  A surprising one and as we sipped our beer my life was enriched by his experience.

Andy Rooney died; at the ripe old age of 92.   As he shared in the video below it was a great life; one in which he got to spend over seventy years doing what he wanted and that’s the greatest gift anyone can receive.

He also said that:

A writer’s job is to tell the truth.

Of course there are many truths.    I was at the Writer’s Guild in NY and discovered that it housed the same offices as the Sixty Minutes crew.   I met Mike Wallace which was a total rush and the late Ed Bradley.   I wish I’d had the chance to meet Andy.

I grew up with his snippets as have many of you.      I’m not going to writ his obit here. Many fine ones exist.   I want to thank Andy.   Thank you for all those years and all those words.

Andy Rooney Wiki

Andy’s last 60 Minutes clip


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