Game of Thrones Review Ep 5 S8 w Spoilers Tres 911 051319

So I watched The Bells. Frankly it’s been the best episode of this last season. Even though it fails in so many ways; it was engrossing.

They really needed at least eight episodes this season. While I get budget and logistic challenges; we simply needed more of the stories fleshed out.

It feels like someone is pushing you through the story not giving a person enough time to absorb it.

My main take was never scorn a chick who owns a dragon. While the debates rage on it just seems like what pushed Dany off the ledge was Jon scoring her yet another time. Something clicked in her.

Not that one can blame her. She was used and abused until her dragons hatched. Once she started to take full control of her life though the realities simple showed that she has no education or preparation for the role she was filling and the few she trusted died or betrayed her.

The killing of Varys was expected, even by him, ( you knew he knew when he took his rings off before being escorted to his death), but he was right and if she had listened to him things might have been different?

Jon and Tyrion realize how right he was as the show unfolds. Simple one takes of facial expression tell the tale.

The pivotal moment of course is after the Bells ring and Dany sits on her dragon mulling over what she’s going to do and that pause was her mulling.

The show decided to literally not see her face or hear her voice once her rampage starts.

The execution of the scenes were very well done. It had a haunting feeling that totally was 911. The ash in the air; the panic and desperation. The helplessness and the death from the skies.

Watching it the episode felt like a message wrapped in an enigma. Not sure if the show creators wanted to excrete a message or just entertain us, but the episode clearly showed how little we little people truly matter in the big picture.

Because at the end of the day; man or woman, it simply was an exhibit of the power play that has gone on since the beginning of time; and how people will always buy soap.

The death of Cersei and Jaime was very anti climactic. Cersei was always the villain and it’s really odd making the evil incest twins almost heroic. I really felt that Jaime would’ve been the one to end Cersei, but it wasn’t to be.

Either way; episode six is next week and it’ll be interesting to see who survives, and who kills Dany. My money is on Jon; but Arya probably is the odds on favorite.

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